Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zetsubo Vol. 30 Papercraft

Ok, I've been getting the Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei manga ever since volume 20 specifically for the papercraft projects included at the back of each book, in the Omake sections.  I'd thought that the "funeral party" project had been wrapped up with vol. 28, but I still wanted to see what #29 hd to offer.  I was even more intrigued when I discovered that it was completely sold out from the bookstores in Kagoshima. So, when I found a used copy in Book Off, I flipped through it immediately.

Thing is, there's nothing special about this volume at all. No papercraft, no puzzles, no mazes or games.  Whatever reason for the volume's popularity, it's not because of something in the book itself (there may have been a ticket or something for an online contest, I guess).  Anyway, there are a few copies of vol. 30 left, although these are becoming rare as well, and they have 4 pages of papercrafts. There's 3 more kneeling figures, a registration table with 2 seated attendants, and a 2-part project for the hearse.

Lots of little detail items as well - 3 pens, 3 condolence envelopes, a sign-in book, and a collection box.  The hearse and table are fairly flimsy and I was printing on cheap, thin paper, so I pasted them on some heavier stock that I had leftover from my Endtown projects.  It probably would have been better to have printed on the heavier stock to begin with.

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