Sunday, October 7, 2012

Aug. - Oct. edition of the "related articles in the media"

Here's the batch of articles to show up in the media from Aug. to Oct., regarding anime, manga and related stuff. I hadn't realized just how long this list had gotten, or old some of the stories are now. I've built up a large enough backlog of other blog entries that I either have to run the newspaper links now and print 2-3 blog entries per day for a week, or keep my regular blog schedule and build up another month of newspaper links. I don't think anyone actually reads the newspaper stories, so maybe it doesn't matter either way. (Side note, the Asahi site, which is the best of the three for actually reporting on anime news, has put a limit of reading 2 articles a day unless you subscribe...)

Japan Times

'Wallace & Gromit' creator Peter Lord to play major role at animation festival in Hiroshima

Bandai to debut foot-long figure line

My seminal link with manga god Osamu Tezuka

Dual events summon anime fans to Kyoto

'Ashura (Asura)' Review

Daily Yomiuri

His and her perspectives at the movies

Museums unveil hands-on exhibits

'Star of the Giants' to be remade in India featuring cricket

Anison key component of anime fun

Local mascots and male cosplayers get in touch with 'moe'

QUMARION doll opens door to new motion-capture technology


Hero's mag launches English site, seeks contest entries

Students sing ending theme for WW2 animated film

Katsuhiro Otomo inducted into Eisner's Hall of Fame

Tokyo International Music Market to coincide with TIFFCOM, anime festa

'Cyborg 009' to get U.S. graphic novel adaptation

Viz Media's Neon Alley anime channel to run on PS3

Gundam promotion leaves onlookers wide-eyed

'Modern No. 2' leads Japanese field at Ottawa film festival

Kodansha USA released iPhone app, expanded digital manga title list

JManga taking entries in comic translation contest

'After School Midnighters' aims for Oscar

Miyagi Sendai Animation Grand Prix 2013 competition now accepting entries

Vertical to release 'Gundam: The Origin' manga series in U.S.

France's Japan Expo to hit California next summer

Hong Kong's Harbor City hosting '100 years before the birth of Doraemon'

Sony's Hatsune Miku Walkman S sells out in 6 hours

Mother's love exports cosplayers to overseas fans

Anime Festival Asia headed for fans in Indonesia

Celsys launches Vocaloid-themed apps in China

'Rose of Versailles' drinks to hit stores in September

Happy birthday! Doraemon will be born 100 years from today

'Powerpuff Girls' appear on traditional towels, bags

Popular TV animation to hit the silver screen

Fujiko F. Fujio Museum attracts 500,000 visitors in one year

EvaNavi SF offers audio tour around San Francisco

Mizushiri's 'Futon' wins Renzo Kinoshita prize at Hiroshima festival

Short Shorts filmfest now accepting entries for 2013

Exhibition re-creates Doraemon's secret futuristic gadgets

'A Letter to Momo' grabs audience prize in Montreal; DVD release set for October

WOWOW documents rise of French animation university Supinfocom

Hello Kitty retakes top spot in Sanrio popularity poll

Gold medalist Uchimura to appear in 'Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal'

Evangelion Store celebrates 1st anniversary with special Rei Ayanami figure

Revamped local tramcar celebrates Doraemon's birthday

'AKB0048' anime series to be AR Carddass game

'From Up On Poppy Hill' eyes an Oscar nod

Artists, put your pencils at the draw for Polymanga competition

SRO Saitama concert underscores rising popularity of anime songs

Tokiwa-so Project to join Kyoto manga fair to promote young ambitious local artists

10 live stage shows planned for Kyoto CMEX 2012

Family Gekijo channel to offer final episodes from 24 Tatsunoko-produced classics

Kinder Film Festival attraca record-breaking crowd

Anime-themed trains offer fun rides on local lines

Nihon Enterprise releases e-comic adaptation of Chinese epic for mobile phones

'Ultra Q' gets second season after 47 years

Tsunami-hit Mangattan Museum in Ishinomaki to reopen this year

After 40 years, banned manga on cannibalism set to hit the big screen

Clamp's 'xxxHOLiC' to get live-action TV adaptation in 2013

JoJo figurine released by Banpresto

AKB48's Mayu Watanabe attends public recording session for 'Nerawareta Gakuen'

J-Comi manga site completes trial run of crowd funding project

Japan Expo attracted 210,000 visitors in 2012, breaking record

Cartoon Network takes Japanese anime to task

Director, actors to take stage at Kamogawa 'Lagrange' festival

Tokyo Game Show attracts record crowd of over 223,000

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