Friday, October 19, 2012

Straight Out NW

There is a major street that runs past my apartment and heads northwest a couple miles to intersect the freeway. For the most part, it's right next to the Kotsuki river, which is safely located inside a drainage culvert. The culvert has a decent walkway on either side of the river in most places, so it's more pleasant to go along the river than breathe exhaust fumes from the cars by staying on the sidewalk. The street is lined with small shops, ramen restaurants, pachinko parlors and an occasional discount clothing store (there's a nice Uniqlo shop with cheap jeans in my size). Otherwise, it's pretty boring. Sometimes, there are ducks, heron, cranes and sparrows in the river, but they're generally afraid of people and fly off if you get within camera range.  Basically a 90-minute walk one way out. The street continues another mile or so the other side of the expressway, then turns into a narrow lane with no sidewalks, few buildings, and relatively heavy traffic.

Saigo Statue on Building

Along the Kotsuki river, 2/3's of the way between my apartment and the expressway entrance, there's an old building with a statue of Saigo sitting on top.

On the other side of the expressway, I decided to follow a little driveway up a slope from the main road, and disappeared into a bamboo grove.  I found several of these dragonflies sunning themselves, and figured it would be a good test of the camera.  Out of 10 shots, these were the only two that were focused right.

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