Thursday, October 18, 2012


On Sunday, Oct. 15, the Tenmonkan shopping complex had a paired event, combining the anniversary of the complex's mascot with "calcium awareness day". About 400 years ago, the local lord established an astronomy center in this location, giving the shopping complex its name (tenmon = heavens). The mascot is an alien named "Tenten".

A stage was set up in front of one of the shops, with a couple local solo acts performing. In the middle of the walkways, poster boards were erected and volunteers handed out markers for people to write messages to Tenten.

Nearby, the Kagoshima Dairy Association had an event stage for children. A small play was performed using the children, the cow, and "osteoporosis".

The second woman from the left is holding a large plush die. The children are wearing headbands to make them look like playing pieces. They role the die and move markers on the map at the back of the stage. As it looks like the game is over, a threatening voice comes over the PA, and "osteoporosis" (I'm guessing here) shows up from the back of the crowd to start the stage event.

There's also an animation teaching people the importance of dairy products, a table giving away free samples of milk and yogurt drinks, and a calcium screening center. Along with the free milk, there were sheets of stickers and keychains.

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