Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Kanboku

Hmm. The google hit counters got zeroed sometime overnight for both this blog and for Nihon-go Hunter. So I've gone from 305,000 visits, back down to 19.  Just at a cursory glance, nothing else seems to be affected, but it is a little annoying.

The International Exchange Center has several presentation rooms on the seond floor, as well as a few tables set up in the lobby space in front.  The lobby table space is usually used to promote one of the local schools.  In this case, the table has works from some medical students, as well as some art students.

Toothpick art seems to have some popularity in Kagoshima.  This time, the picture is constructed just using toothpicks dipped in black ink.  I don't know who the subject is.

The anime-related art looks a bit amateurish, but it's not too bad.  Some of it is paint on paper, but the one in the middle with red flame-like wings is kiri-e, and that looks really well-done.

In the big room just off the escalators, a design school had it's graduation display set up, which they called "The Kanboku".  The majority of the works were Japanese calligraphy in one form or another.  The sake bottles were just used to show off label designs.  I arrived at 2 PM on a Friday, when there were only a few people around to take interest in the show. The woman at the end of the table was trying her hand at the sumi ink and paper they had set out.

Looking in the other direction.

Decorated kimono, plus close-up of the detail work.

Close-up of the scroll.

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