Thursday, November 1, 2012

Anime Window

In Tenmonkan, near the net cafe I wrote about recently (the one with the Playstation 2 games), there's a facing building with giant robot toys in the window on the third floor. Thing is, I tried going up the stairs, and there's no way to get above the second floor. (The text on the second floor window says "If the curtains are open, so are we.")

I did notice, though, that part of the ceiling above the stairs at the second floor is angled, indicating that there is a stairwell up to the third floor, but that it's only accessible by going into the 2nd floor bar.  Which may mean that the space on the third floor is either part of the first bar, or is a private club instead of a toy store. If I feel like spending $10 for a beer, I may try going inside some time.

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