Sunday, November 18, 2012

Google Doodles, 2003-2008

For those of you that only use yahoo, you're missing out on a little enhancement that google occasionally puts on their main search page. I'm talking about the "Google doodles", artwork that commemorates specific events throughout the year while also incorporating the google name.  A few days ago, by accident, I stumbled across the "google doodle museum", the final resting place for past doodles, dating back to 1998. Most of the older ones look pretty tame compared to those of the last couple years. The majority are just straight jpegs, but there are a few that are animated gifs, and starting around 2010 they created a few interactive javascript games or video viewers.

You can start out with the 2012 archive and just change the year from the location bar. As mentioned above, the first doodle appeared in 1998, and there were just a total of 3 doodles for the year.  There's nothing I care about until we finally get up to 2003. But, there still aren't that many interesting doodles so I combined 2003 to 2008 into one blog entry

Einstein, 2003

Escher, 2003

Hitchcock, 2003

Ray Charles, 2004

da Vinci, 2005

Louis Braille

Conan Doyle

Sputnik, 2007

Lego, 2008

Bell, 2008

Parametron Computer, 2008

Astro Boy and Tezuka, 2008

First Film Projection

First Laser

NASA, 2008

Large Hadron Collider

Paddington Bear, 2008

Tale of Genji

Rene Magritte, 2008

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