Friday, November 23, 2012


The 100 Yen Shops here (similar to the U.S. Dollar Stores, but with much better quality products) carry something called "Mystery Pyramid". You get to play archeologist with a little plaster cast pyramid that measures about 3" at its base. You get a plastic scraper tool and a cleaning brush. There are six different plastic-cast figures to "discover".

After 15 minutes, I've just only uncovered the top of the figure and scraped off a bit of one corner. The scraper tool is starting to fall apart, and there's plaster dust and fragments all over the place. Good thing I'm not doing this at home. I start trying to snap off sections with brute strength, but give up. Instead I find a parking lot and use one wall as a rasping tool. It still takes close to 10 minutes to completely knock the plaster off. When I'm done, I find a public faucet to wash the figure clean.

The cleaned King Tut. About 1 inch tall. Lots of work for a child to do. Instead of using the included scraper, you're better off with a screwdriver or file. Work over a newspaper, or in the backyard.

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MikeM said...

I think there was something similar here when I was a kid, except it was called "Chip A Way" and was a block of "rock" with "dinosaur bones" in it. Also you got a little chisel and hammer rather than a scraper