Monday, November 5, 2012

Safety Parade

As I was walking along Tram Street one Sunday, music blared a little farther down the street. It was a marching band, and I lost time trying to get my camera out of my bag. Along with the traffic, buses and street cars, it was hard to get good shots from across the street.  Banners hanging from the surrounding buildings announced it as a "safety awareness parade". The flags in the above photo read "Kagoshima". 

What made taking photos even harder was the fact that the volcano had coughed up more ash and the wind had shifted to blow it all downtown. The air was just gray. These two guys lucked out by wearing what otherwise would have been uncomfortable foam heads. The banner announces that the instrumentalists are the Kagoshima Marching Police Band.

Everyone else had their hands full and no way to rub the grit from their eyes.

The bulk of the parade was made up of city workers.

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