Wednesday, November 14, 2012

UCC Ship, Pepsi Dark Side

Got a few food-related entries that I might as well post at one time. (I have at least 3 weeks of blog backlog built up that I need to whittle down a bit.)

UCC's The Coffee can coffee has a tie-in with "battleships of the world". 8 different ships. This one is the Akizuki, and comes disassembled in 3 pieces. 12cm long. 140 yen, at konbini nation-wide.

Evangelion is now officially over-hyped. Pretz is a Japanese pretzel snack that comes in a variety of flavors. There are 8 box designs - 4 of the characters, and 4 of the giant robots. About 140 yen a box, at grocery stores.

Most people that have seen this box with the arms open think it resembles a cockroach.

I figured that I might as well try Pepsi's attempt at an energy drink. The text on the side of the can reads "Give yourself to the dark side". I didn't really notice any significant caffeine jolt. The "aroma" is a very strong flowery smell, and the taste is reminiscent of Bazooka Joe bubblegum. 200 yen. A waste of money - you're better off buying a regular bottle of plain Pepsi, at twice the volume for 150 yen. At konbini everywhere.

"Unagi" is Japanese for "eel", a very popular food, especially during the Summer. During the Fall, the Japanese make due by producing "eel bread". Discovered at the bakery in the Daiei department store near the main train station. Chocolate-covered bread, 128 yen apiece.

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