Monday, December 10, 2012

New comics

I've been clicking on the What's New links on GoComics on a fairly regular basis. While there have been a large number of strips introduced over the last 6 months, most of them bore me. Either I don't like the artwork, the punchlines are "too cute", or there's just no story to the "storyline". A few days ago, Greg Cravens, of Hubris fame, decided to run his webcomics reading list, so I went through that as well to see if he could suggest something that I'd like. Unfortunately, I came up dry. But, a couple of the newer GoComics strips are good.

What I like:
Basic Instructions
Not a new strip, but I haven't talked about it before. Scott Meyer's M-W-F 4-panel "guide on how to survive life". Contains some wicked punchlines.

Berger and Wyse
A self-named single-panel strip by Pascal Wyse and Joe Berger. An updated version of the Far Side, but with better artwork and snarkier gags.

Dixie Drive
Rich Powell's single-panel gag strip. It's kind of like Far Side, or maybe Pluggers, but with a strong redneck twist (not so strong as to alienate yankees, though).

Legend of Bill
Bill started out as a generic sword and sorcery parody, with something of a Family Guy vibe. But, it's developed into a full-blown serial with supporting characters and unfolding plots. The artwork's pretty good, although it updates very irregularly. Best if you go to the archives and start from the beginning.

Skin Horse
More of an X-Files parody, Skin Horse follows the misadventures of the Skin Horse team of Men in Black social workers. The artwork is marginal, but the characters grew on me after a while. And, the zombie bioweapon-assassin sometimes has lines that make me spit beer out of my nose. Best if you go to the archives and start from the beginning. Some adult themes, so parential discretion may be advised.

Hunter Black
Another in the line of "webcomics based on a Dungeons and Dragons game" (like, Erfworld, or Order of the Stick). Very stylized artwork that may not appeal to everyone. Only updates Tuesdays and Thursdays, so there's not much story yet. Not actually part of GoComics, but I'll mention it here. I'm hoping things will get more interesting in time.

Oyster War
A brand-new entry to GoComics. Updates only on Mondays, and there have only been 4 strips as I write this. So, there's been no development yet. But, the artwork is intriguing, and the story blurb seems promising.

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