Thursday, December 13, 2012


I first encountered They Might Be Giants when they aired Istanbul (Not Constantinople) on MTV back in the 80's. I'd never heard the original, so I didn't know that this was a cover until someone else told me. I especially liked the stop motion work done on the video. So, I decided to pick up the Flood CD. Most of the songs were ok, but the one I really wanted to memorize was Whistling in the Dark, which I can still recite almost 30 years later. But, I kind of lost track of the The 2 Johns, and it wasn't until this Spring that I figured that I might as well sign up for their secret club email newsletter and catch back up on them. At first, there were announcements and free music about once every couple of weeks, but lately it's just been concert listings once a month. So, I went to iTunes and downloaded every free podcast that came up on a "they might be giants" keyword search. A few hits were unrelated religious programs or video game reviews. Fortunately, there were a few radio show interviews with one or both of the Johns, plus the latest official TMBG podcasts (apparently there's been nothing uploaded there since last May. However, there are a number of other videos directly from their website, and it looks like there may be a second email newsletter.)

In any event, I've had to ride the street car recently, and listening to the various podcats on my MP3 player is as good a way to kill the time and catch up with the band as any. For the most part, they're still silly and amusical, but there are a couple songs where they really rock out that I like a lot, including Cyclops Rock, The Rat Patrol and a cover of Chumbawumba's Tubthumping.

I'll just mention here that back around June the band was asking for photos to be uploaded to pinterest for use in a video remix of The Alphabet of Nations song. I got together with a few people at the Volunteer Center and submitted an entry for Japan. The video finally came out a few weeks ago, and lots of the reader-submitted photos are jammed all together into one short burst of frames at the end. I couldn't find the ones I took, and I'm not sure they were included. Sigh. I refuse to buy the free video, just on principle now.

Listen to the TMBGs pods on their official page. Cecil won't throw up on you then.

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