Wednesday, January 9, 2013

50 Famous People

Asahi Shimbun (Asahi newspaper publishing company) has been running a 50 Famous People manga series for the last year. Each issue is a 40-page magazine-book (called a mook), released weekly. I've been reviewing the ones I have an interest in over on my Gakken review blog. I've decided to run the full index of issues here, and tomorrow I'll reprint the review of vol. 1, Thomas Edison. The mooks are aimed at kids, with a color manga purportedly designed to show each person's human side, plus whatever events led up to their becoming famous. There's also a short 6-page textbook section with a more detailed biography and discussions of related inventions or people, and a sheet of 9 trading cards in case you want to play a TCG game against your friends. Recently, Asahi announced that they're extending the series with another 30 famous people, starting in mid-January.

1 Edison
2 Mother Theresa
3 Leonardo DaVinci
4 Sakamoto Ryoma
5 Mozart
6 Cleopatra
7 Einstein
8 Michael Jackson
9 Oda Nobunaga
10 Columbus
11 Gaudi
12 Nightengale
13 Miyazawa Kenji
14 Christ
15 Shokatsu Koumei
16 Galileo
17 Marco Polo
18 Tezuka Osamu
19 Napoleon
20 Picasso
21 Chaplin (replaced with Martin Luther King)
22 Matsushita Konosuke
23 Anna Pavlova
24 Steve Jobs
25 Beethoven
26 Edogawa Rampo
27 Helen Keller
28 Buddha
29 Darwin
30 Shakespeare
31 Joan of Arc
32 Souichirou Honda
33 Ghengis Khan
34 Lincoln
35 Agatha Christie
36 Naomi Uemura
37 Marie Curie
38 Elizabeth 1st
39 Ayrton Senna
40 Wright Brothers
41 Martin Luther King, Jr. (replaced by Andou Momofuku)
42 Eiji Tsuburaya
43 Jean-Henri Fabre
44 Grimm Brothers
45 Alexander the Great
46 Andou Momofuku (replaced by Alfred Noble)
47 Ghandi
48 Yuri Gagarin
49 Anne Frank
50 Che Guevara

Note that the above list was taken from mook #1 as their scheduled line up, but about a third of the way through Asahi started shuffling things a little. My thought is that they ran into copyright issues with Charlie Chaplin's estate over the photos to be used, moved the Martin Luther King, Jr. issue forward to fill in the gap, used Ando to plug the gap left by King, and then grabbed Alfred Noble as filler. Asahi probably didn't renumber the entire series just to get it over with because they may have thought the problems could be resolved in just a few weeks of negotiations with the estate. But I may be wrong.


MikeM said...

o_O No Hokusai?

TSOTE said...

Actually, Asahi Shimbun has announced that they're extending the series by another 30 issues, starting mid-January. I just haven't uploaded the second index listing yet (I may do that tomorrow). The Hokusai issue will come out around May (it's number 19 of series 2, so 19 weeks after series 1 ends).