Wednesday, January 16, 2013

50 Famous People, Series 2

Asahi Shimbun has decided to extend the Manga Sekai no Ijin (Famous People of the World Manga) series to include another 30 people, starting on Jan. 22. The current line up consists of:

51 Hans Christian Andersen
52 Caesar (Not sure which one)
53 Musasakishiki Bu (wrote Tale of Genji)
54 Albert Schweitzer (Medical Missionary)
55 Chopin (Composer)
56 Louis Pasteur
57 Ieyasu Tokugawa
58 Lucy Montgomery (wrote Anne of Green Gables)
59 Michelangelo
60 Ernest Seton (one of the founders of the Boy Scouts of America)
61 Chihiro Iwasaki (Japanese watercolor illustrator)
62 Roald Amundsen (South pole explorer)
63 Sun Yat-sen (first president of the Republic of China)
64 Heinrich Schliemann (archeologist who found Troy)
65 Kiyoshi Yamashita (Japanese artist)
66 Isaac Newton
67 Princess Diana
68 Vincent van Gogh
69 Katsushika Hokusai (Japanese woodblock artist)
70 Leo Tolstory (Russian writer)
71 Glen Miller
72 Wangari Maathai (Kenyan Activist)
73 Howard Carter (British archeologist, discovered Tutankhamun's tomb)
74 Robert Capa (Hungarian combat photographer)
75 Confucius
76 Oscar Shindler (of Shindler's List fame)
77 John D. Rockefeller (Oil Baron)
78 Hideo Noguchi (Japanese bacteriologist)
79 Clara Schumann (Pianist)
80 Neil Armstrong (Astronaut)

I'm not sure if there's anyone here I'm really interested in. Maybe Pasteur, Amundsen, Schliemann, Newton, Hokusai, Carter, Noguchi and Armstrong. I'll have to see what each of the mooks look like as they come out.

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