Sunday, January 27, 2013


Infinity is a coffee and magic shop on the 2nd floor of a building in the Tenmonkan shopping complex, near the Maruzen bookstore, close to Terukuni shrine (it's across the alley from the new JAXA museum, and about 30 yards north of Anime Bar Nana). Along with coffee (individually hand-prepared, 600 yen per cup), the owner performs close-up magic and tarot readings, and there's a collection of supplies for sale and a small stage for larger magic performances.  Plus, two cages with a pair of parakeets. I'm not sure which days Infinity is open, but it looks to be just on the weekends. When I arrived, there were 3 customers - 2 of whom spoke English. The owner doesn't, so the customers acted as interpreters for me. I mentioned that I used to work as a salesclerk at a magic shop in Minnesota when I was a teenager, so the owner showed me a short set of illusions that included the Chinese linking rings, and a few coin and card tricks. I already know how they're done, so it was just fun watching how smooth and natural he looked doing them. He's really good. Maybe at some point I'll order a magic show off the menu, which seems to be in the 2,000 yen range. Tarot readings are also 2,000 yen.

The owner of Infinity (left).

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