Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mardock Scramble, vol. 3

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Volume 3 of Mardock Scramble pretty much follows the misadventures and total humiliation of the remaining 4 members of Shell's new cyborg assassin group. All 5 had been recruited by an experimental unit of the military after having been severely injured during various battles. One had been left blind, the other with his hands cut off, the third with horrible mutilation of the face and scalp, etc.. After their cyborg upgrades, all 5 deserted the military and entered the criminal underground. They also developed perverse pleasure in taking the appropriate body parts of their victims and having them sewn on themselves.

Upon meeting Rune, they have to relive the exact same tortures all over again. Unfortunately, Rune gets caught up in her own "revenge bloodlust" and comes close to killing the gang, against Oefcoque's wishes (Oefcoque had been made by Boiled to kill a mountain of victims in the past and he doesn't want to do that again). In trying to fight against Rune, he starts bleeding with every shot she takes. Boiled shows up, kills off a few of the gang himself, and tries to take Oefcoque back. At the final minute, Dr. Easter arrives in a flying egg ship to haul Rune to the government's secret space base.

(Gag inside front cover.)

(Sample pages showing Rune falling and the egg ship coming to her rescue.)

Overall, this is another dark, gory book. Things lighten up a little in volume 4. The artwork is pretty good, especially the backgrounds. But much of the action looks posed and static, which is a strike against artist Katsuya Terada. Grade: B-.

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