Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mu FM, Day2

On Dec. 9th, Mu FM had the second day of their event. I'd been up at Amu Plaza for shopping and didn't get back down to Tenmonkan until after 5:30. I missed the Southern Cross performance, but the yosakoi groups were still taking the stage until 6. Yosakoi is a folk dance that originated in Kochi prefecture, and uses the wooden clappers seen pictured here. The 2 groups I saw had 5 members each, a 6th on microphone off-stage, and a 7th waving some kind of banner.

The English at the top of the banner reads "yosakoi".

In the small booth to the left, Southern Cross was selling their CDs and mini posters, and occasionally posing for more photos.

The second yosakoi troupe.

Fish banner.

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