Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mu FM Radio Event

The weekend of Dec. 8th, Mu FM (spelled myuu efu emu) radio sponsored a 2-day live stage performance in the open space across from the Lotteria burger shop in Tenmonkan. Two of the main acts were Southern Cross, and Juliet.  I've seen Southern Cross advertised as performing at several of the local events this past Fall, so I guess they're on the Kyushu circuit now. Maybe 100 people in the audience at this point, waiting for Juilet to go on stage in about 15 minutes. In the meantime, the announcer is filling the air time with plain chatter.

Not sure who this is. "She" was later spotted wandering Tenmonkan, chatting with one of the ramen shop owners.

The mascot is invited to pose with Southern Cross for a photo op. It was getting close to 40 degrees F, and the girls weren't dressed for it.

Juliet performed a couple songs, and got the crowd hopping.

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