Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Familymart

Near the south end of Tenmonkan, there had been a small chain grocery store. It was a little more expensive than the one I normally go to, but they had some brands that other places don't carry. Like most stores, there never seemed to be that many customers, so I wondered how they could stay in business. Apparently, the answer is "they couldn't". One day, towards the end of November, the place shut down and got cleared out. A couple of weeks later, construction started for remodeling, and it reopened just before I returned to the U.S. in December as a Family Mart konbini. The front half of the grocery store was turned into a 2-car parking space. 2 distinguishing features of this particular konbini are that it has a small seating area at the front for people that want to drink coffee and read manga, and a small enclosed space at the front right just large enough to hold 2 or 3 people that want to stand and smoke. It's still no busier than the previous tenant was...

Tear down paradise and put in (half) a parking lot.

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