Friday, January 4, 2013

Shochu Event

On Dec. 8th, I was walking to a school to teach a couple English lessons, and noticed some tents being set up in Central Park. There wasn't an audience yet, so I made a point of returning on my way back home after work. Still no visitors, but the tents and stage were all fully assembled. In the middle of the park was a Christmas tree made of shochu bottles.

It was 5 PM at this point and I figured that if there was some kind of shochu event going on, that it was going to be held on Sunday. So, the next day, after finishing my shopping at Amu Plaza, I came back to the park, and the stage and booths had all been completely torn down and removed. I guess that the event did indeed take place on Saturday, but was either poorly attended, or just cut short because of the cold.

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