Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kotsuki wildlife

Now, as I was heading out to the People's Park (Kenkou no Mori koen), I really wanted to find wildlife in the Kotsuki river along the way. It's pretty common to spot white herons, but they spook relatively easily and fly off if they notice the camera, or if they don't, the whiteness of the feathers throws off the white balance of the camera. Either way, the challenge is to get a decent photo of them. This is the best I could do.

Grey herons are even worse, because they can recognize the camera lens from 20 or 30 yards, and they always fly off immediately. This guy was probably half asleep and so didn't react to me, but the white feathers just simply reflected too much light for the camera. That's what I get for using a simple point-and-shoot.

When I took this shot, I was only looking at the bird. It wasn't until I got back home and was editing the photo on the computer that I realized that there's a snake sunning itself on the next rock over. I'm told that herons can eat snakes so this image takes on a slightly different meaning now.

The river has several species of ducks. I think the most common is the mallard. But, it was the first time for me to see this species. They were a bit distant to really get auto-focus right, but the shots came out better than for the herons.

At the time, there were also three black birds that flew up and down the river a couple times, but they never stayed in one place for me to try to take a shot. The wings were about the same span as for the herons, but they had very long, narrow bodies. I think they were cormorants, but I don't know if cormorants fly as far south as Kagoshima in the winter.

The river supports a wide variety of life.

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