Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shibushi Fest

Over the weekend of Jan. 27th, Amu Plaza had a small "Shibushi fest" in the open area in front of the Chuo train station, in order to promote foods and products from the area. Shibushi is part of Kagoshima Prefecture, and their mascot is a lion. Which is why they had a bear-shaped trampoline room.

One of the local livestock is black pigs, referred to as "kuro buta", and the ham is popular in a variety of dishes. This is why the mascot has a pig on a leash.

The guy on the right is a local radio personality, and is helping host the stage events and gift giveaways. There's a line of can coffee available in the konbini here with his likeness on the front. At some point, I may buy a can just to run the photo in my blog. There were maybe 5 people in the audience.

Some of the booths selling foods from Shibushi.

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