Friday, March 15, 2013

Dydo Dragonball Z cider

A few weeks ago, one of the English newspapers made a big deal of announcing the new line of Dydo Dragonball Z cider cans. So, I knew that they were going to be coming out soon, but since I didn't notice them in the vending machine next to my one school it kind of slipped my mind. Finally, I remembered and decided to get a can the next time I went in. That's when I discovered that the reason I hadn't seen the new cans in the machine is that Dydo had removed the machine. Felt kind of strange that I'd missed something that obvious. Anyway, the next closest Dydo machine was across the street from Maruya Gardens in Tenmonkan, so I got this can there. 120 yen. The front advertises 7 different vitamins. The back advertises 6 can designs.  Out just in time to pick up sales from interest in the new DBZ movie.

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