Monday, March 4, 2013

Big Tiger Shrine

On Feb. 10th, I decided to take another of my long walks. This one followed the Kotsuki river a couple kilometers, then veered south towards the Kagoshima Agricultural Center. At about the halfway point, I came to a highway intersection where a fresh produce store was attracting quite a few cars. Across the street was a small shrine that was going pretty much ignored.  The sign to the right could be read as Yabou Jinja, or as Hachifusa Jinja (8 Rooms Shrine. At some point, the 8 rooms got pared down a lot.)

(The main shrine.)

The sign to the right reads "world's biggest tiger".

Someone decided to set the contrast between old and new world tigers.

Inside of the shrine, shot through the window because the door was locked.

2013 is the year of the snake, which is why a number of school children drew snakes on their good luck plates.

I've seen this kind of "bird in flight" topiary before.  There's a much larger version at the Terukuni shrine in Tenmonkan.

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