Thursday, March 14, 2013

KFC - DBZ Movie

KFC is promoting the newest DBZ movie Kami to Kami (Battle of Gods), due out in theaters at the end of the month. They've got some toys with the kid's meals, and aluminum water bottles with the dragon balls on top.

I considered getting one of the water bottles, which is available for 990 yen with an order of one piece of chicken and a small fries. But when I got in the store and saw the bottle I decided against it. The dragon ball is too bulky, making it inconvenient to carry the bottle around in a backpack, and I don't need more stuff cluttering up the apartment. Plus, I could get almost double the food for two-third's the price by just buying a regular set meal. Still, it will appeal to kids trying to impress each other with who has the latest gimmicks for a few days.

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