Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kirin Fire and DBZ

Sometimes, I really wonder why anyone would tie up with a Japanese can coffee product to advertise a movie or TV series. At least with KFC, they dedicate a page to the DBZ movie goods on their website. You go to FamilyMart and pick up a can of Kirin Fire Black, and there's a little Dragonball character you can plug into the headset jack of your cell phone. So, you think "maybe there's free downloadable wallpapers on the Kirin site, or something". You look at the little brochure page packaged with the figure - no URL. You go to the Kirin website, there's no mention of DBZ at all. You go to the Fire webpage, no mention of the DBZ campaign at all. Nothing. You go to the webpage for the movie itself, and there's no mention of KFC or Kirin Fire as sponsors. In fact, the only way I discovered anything for the Kirin Fire tie-in was to do a yahoo search on "kirin fire dragonball z", which picked up a hit from the movie's News page. The entire marketing thing seems so hit-and-miss here.

Twelve figures in all, only with Kirin Fire can coffee, 140 yen each. Son Gohan can be removed from the dragonball to reveal a plastic mini jack that you can plug into your cell phone to make it look like he's riding on it.


Kathleen Brier said...

I've never left a comment on your blog before, but I just wanted to let you know I love to follow and look at the awesome pictures!!! Please keep up the blogging :)

Kathleen Brier said...
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