Monday, March 18, 2013

Laser Gun Battle

There's a group of people in Kagoshima, consisting partly of college students, that likes hosting cultural events every few weeks. The last time I attended one was about 6 months ago, for painting rocks to look like fish. On March 5, one of the women from the group put together a laser tag game in one of the community rooms on the 5th floor of the San-El building (same place that had the rock painting and kiri-e). The laser guns, helmets and balloon barriers were provided by 2 of the woman's friends. Apparently, they normally produce laser tag events for 1000 yen per person for 1 hour, but it was free this time.

The participants were mostly parents with small kids. We were divided up into 4 groups of 4 members each. The first and third rounds were team-vs-team battle royale matches. The second one was a 3-minute battle against the Predator, and the team with the most surviving members at the end of their round won.  I was kind of reckless, so I didn't make it to the end of any of the matches. The only other foreigner this time was a Czech physicist in Kagoshima to study Japanese.

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