Saturday, April 20, 2013


While at Maruzen bookstore in Tenmonkan to buy a greeting card, I saw this small booklet next to the cash register. It advertises the new TV anime for Mushibugyou, it's about 40 pages, or 2 chapters, and it's free. The artwork and story are by Hiroshi Fukuda, but it looks exactly like Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer.

The basic story in this booklet is that the main character has survived his first day in Edo, but the professional government warriors in the Mushibugyou department are trying to avoid him. The department head wants him to watch the "specialists" in action while fighting a giant magical ladybug. However, the main team fails to halt the bug and it barrels down on a trapped child. It's up to our hero to defeat something that the 4 specialists can't.

(Right, panel 2: The hero. Panel 3: the department head. Left: three of the professional specialists.)

If you liked Biscuit Hammer, then you may like Mushibugyuo, which has similar art and jokes.

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