Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Skin Horse Print Photo

I wrote about winning the Skin Horse print. At the time I won it, one of the GoComics editors wrote that they like getting photos of the winners tagged to their Facebook or Twitter accounts. So, at the end of the kiri-e event at the Mirai-kan, I asked one of the other participants to take this picture for Facebook. Got a nice, short comment from GoComics thanking me for the photo, and about 12 likes, total. (Note that I specifically chose to wear the Endtown t-shirt as advertising for Aaron Neathery's webcomic, also hosted on GoComics.)

So far, my numbers from comics artists that I like have been pretty good. I've won the original art from a caption contest for Doc Rat, and this Skin Horse print. I've received free Hubris stickers from Greg Cravens, and been cameo'd or mentioned by name in Hubris and Lost Side of Suburbia. Now, if I could only get a freebie from Dixie Drive...

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