Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Big Issue: Moomin Feature

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The Big Issue is a bimonthly, 32-page magazine that is designed to help homeless people make money for themselves. The issues come out on the 1st and 15th of each month, and part of the 300 yen cover price goes to the homeless, who sell the magazines near train stations and various shopping areas around Japan. Recently, I was walking by one guy that had back issues set out on a street corner, and I figured that I'd help him out by getting the Moomin issue. I don't have an interest in the regular cover subjects like Leonard Dicaprio or Tom Cruise, but I will buy a copy that is anime-related.

The Moomin issue came out in 2010, and has 4 pages on the characters, their creator Tove Jansson, and an interview with Tove's niece, Sophia. The niece is the one maintaining Tove's legacy and protecting her aunt's intellectual property rights. One nice thing about this particular issue is that the sidebar on Sophia is written completely in English.

Other articles include food recipies, gossip columns, and music reviews.

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