Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gomi House 1

In my earlier quest to collect all the local memorial markers I could find, I had encountered a street sign pointing to the Kagoshima War Memorial Cemetery, fairly close to the Yamada Denki consumer electronics store. However, the sign is aimed at the Arena, which was built on the grounds of the old Kagoshima prison, so I didn't know if they were the same thing. Finally, I needed an excuse for a short walk, and I figured that locating the cemetery was as good a reason as any. The sign states that the cemetery is 1 km (0.6 miles) from the main street, but the street it's pointing down ends at the Arena entrance (the Arena is an event venue). So, I went through the park next to the Arena, and started hunting around for more signs showing where to go, while essentially heading in a straight line south. When I got to the foot of the big hill blocking my way, I veered west, which brought me past these two houses.

The first looks like someone just kept building on top of it with different materials and designs each time.

The car port gives the impression of belonging to one of the little construction companies that litter the city. I doubt that anyone seriously believes that they can find whatever they want in here...

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