Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Moyashimon Takarakuji

There's a rather interesting little activity going on in the bookstore in the Daiei department store near my apartment that I haven't seen elsewhere. It's a raffle (takarakuji, in Japanese, which means "a lottery"). You buy a ticket for 500 yen ($5 USD), which you select from a box at random. You open up the ticket and you get your choice of prizes for the letter that appears on the sheet. Right now, the raffle is for Moyashimon. There's some other anime-related stuff coming from Banpresto in the next few months. I got a  "D" ticket, which gave me a choice of one of 2 packages for stationary with stickers, and a choice of 1 of 4 bookmarks. The clerk added a rolled up mini-poster (the paper is really thin, and didn't scan well).


I asked how long the raffle will run at that shop, and the clerk answered "until everything goes", which could be years from now. The low-level prizes are worth less that the 500 yen price, but better prizes include some very nice plastic figures of the human characters, and some large plush dolls of the yeasts. I'm tempted to watch the prizes case to see if the lesser stuff starts thinning out, which would boost my chances of winning a plushie...

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