Tuesday, June 11, 2013


In walking to Ijuin, I decided to try visiting Joyama Park, which used to be the site for a local castle. I spent half an hour there, and had a quick lunch. Looking at my map, I realized that there'd be no way I could get to the East China Sea coast, and then back to Ijuin without my feet giving out. So, instead I went to the Ijuin train station and rode the train north. I kept looking out the windows for signs of the sea, but didn't see anything. The train reached the end of the line at Satsuma-Sendai, and I got out to look around. The trains don't run often, and the next one I'd want going back to Kagoshima was an hour away.

Sendai has a big Kappa motif going on, which extends to their manhole covers. Essentially, kappa are green river creatures with an indentation in the top of their heads that holds water. If the water pours out, the kappa will die.

The river runs past the train station a few blocks away, but I'm still too far away to actually make it to the sea from here.

Across the river were fish banners commemorating Boy's Day.

Plaque in the river wall showing a map of old Sendai city, and a ferry running where the current bridge is now.

Artwork in the wall along the river.

In the center of Sendai is a commercial district with covered sidewalks. There's a series of kappa sculptures at intervals on the top of the walkway.

Finally, back at the front of the train station. It had taken about 3 hours and 40 minutes to walk to Ijuin from Kagoshima city, another 2 hours to get the train and ride it to Sendai, and an hour spent in Sendai. It's 4 PM at this point. I don't actually get back home until 6 PM, and my legs are cramping up so badly that I'm limping the last few blocks to the apartment. All in all, a good day.

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