Thursday, July 25, 2013


Dayan of Wachifield is the main character in a line of children's books from Japanese artist Akiko Ikeda. To celebrate Dayan's 30th anniversary, the Yamakataya department store in the Tenmonkan shopping district in Kagoshima is holding an art exhibit, with 3 scheduled in-person signings during July (signings limited to 100 people; I'm not sure how the selection is made). The exhibit is 600 yen ($6 USD) for adults, 400 for young students, and is running from July 18th to the 28th. There's a medium-sized gift shop on the Building 2 5th floor next to the escalators running up to the gallery space on the 6th. Since there's no cameras allowed in the gallery, I didn't bother trying to take photos. But, there is a large Dayan in the gift shop, and he was happy to pose for anyone that walked by.


Next up, Yamakataya is hosting Conan World in Yamakataya, from Aug. 9th to the 21st. 500 yen for junior high students and above, 300 yen for anyone younger. The event will include a quiz, an in-store "mystery" stamp rally, a gift shop and some kind of a stage show. Presented by the Tenpara cineplex.

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