Sunday, July 7, 2013

Google Doodles, first half of 2013

I originally put together my collection of favorite Google doodles towards the middle of last December and I didn't really feel like appending the last few doodles at the end of the 2012 blog listing. So, I've made them part of the first half of the 2013 entry. There are  quite a few that I consider interesting enough to add to the collection. My deciding factors are: Science and technology, Japan, Interactivity and I think it's funny.

Ada Lovelace's 197th Birthday

200th Anniversary of Grimm's Fairy Tales (Interactive)

End of the Mayan Calendar

Srinivasa Ramanujan's 125th Birthday

Herman Potocnik's 120th Birthday

New Year's Eve 2012 (Links to the years earlier highlighted doodles)


Mary Leakey's 100th Birthday

Chinese New Year 2013 (Interactive)

Valentine's Day and George Ferris' 154th Birthday (Interactive)

Nasir al-Din al-Tusi's 812th Birthday

Nicolaus Copernicus' 540th Birthday (Animated)

Edward Gorey's 88th Birthday

Ryunosuke Akutagawa's 121st Birthday

Douglas Adams' 61st Birthday (Interactive)

Vladimir Vernadsky's 150th Birthday

Leonhard Euler's 306th Birthday (Semi-Interactive)

Earth Day 2013 (Interactive)

Saul Bass' 93rd Birthday (Animated)

Mother's Day 2013 (Interactive)

Julius Richard Petri's 161st Birthday (Semi-interactive)

Maurice Sendak's 85th Birthday (Animated)

Kobayashi Issa's 250th Birthday (Haiku poet)

Father's Day 2013 (Interactive)

Zlatko Grgic's 82nd Birthday (animated)

Antoni Gaudi's 161st Birthday

The 100th Tour de France (Animated)

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