Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Coke Truck

On the last Sunday in August, the fine people at Coke decided to have a free giveaway. Barkers stood around and yelled "come and get yer free Coke!" Other staff members handed out hand fans that didn't really work, printed with instructions on how to get coke products from the main website - most people just tossed them when they got inside the department store. You can't see it from here, but there was one guy with a TV camera taping the reactions of a few of the people leaving the truck.

The red LED signs show the outdoor temperature, and the temp inside the refrigerator case. The promotion is that the bottles are near-freezing, and therefore are more "refreshing". Everyone in line can see what happens to those ahead of them. You have to wait until someone grabs their choice of one of the Coke bottles, then closes the door. You go up, open the door, and get a puff of mist in the face. Like I say, everyone can see it happening, but they still squeal in surprise when the mist hits them. I don't understand why.

The TV in the background advertizes the Coke "Happiness truck", with footage of other people from past events. At the end, the ad asks "where will happiness strike next?" At the very least, the people here were happy to get something for free. A regular-size bottle of Coke usually costs 147 yen from the konbini. 150 yen from the vending machines ($1.50 USD). Regardless, I think I now know how Tepco is dealing with the storage issues for all that radioactive water leaking from the main Fukushima reactor.

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