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Kitaro DVD Review, vol. 8

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Gegege no Kitaro Magazine DVD Series, volume 8

In the last review, I mentioned how the magazine is getting shorter over time. I'll add here that the 2-sided fold-out poster sheet actually counts as 4 pages, as does the front and back cover sheet. So, while the outside back cover is marked as page 26, there's really just 20 pages of actual unique material (ignoring the posters, and the advertising for the next issue).


The highlighted retinue monster this time is Nurikabe (coated wall). Essentially, he's a big, walking slab of granite, and is often used as a barricade or defensive shield during fights. His main weakness is grapes found growing on the mountainside. He is normally found in Fukuoka, in northern Kyushu.

(Mokumokuren feature page.)

The featured monsters are: Nurikabe, Nise-Kitarou no Haha (The fake mother of Kitaro), Akashita (Red Tongue), Mokumokuren (Eye, Eye Group), Akuma Bueru (Devil Baal and Yakanzuru (Sneaky Kettle). Nise-Kitarou no Haha is a witch that disguises herself as Kitaro's mother in order to get close enough to drain him through her worm-like hair; she is in the employ of Shinigami (death god). Akashita is sort of a huge purple hairy sasquatch with a large red tongue. Mokumokuren are yellow eyes that fly around in groups similar to moths, and then cover their victims. Baal is sort of a shapeshifting bat man that looks like he came out of a 60's Hanna-Barbera cartoon. Finally, Yakanzuru is a vacuum cleaner mouth on four legs; its true shape is a huge metal flying steam kettle.

(Page from the episode description for Shinigami. Shown at the top is the witch, and what she looks like when disguised as Kitaro's mother.)

The episodes are: Shinigami (Death God, 05/04/72), Akashita (Red Tongue, 05/11/72), Mokumokuren (Eye, Eye Group, 05/25/72), and Akuma Bueru (Devil Baal, 06/01/72). The special is the second half of the Tottori Mizuki Shigeru Road walking tour, which includes a stop in the Mizuki museum. The easter egg is the same as last time - footsteps and geta marks.

(Top half: Where's Yamada? Bottom half: Shonen Magajin cover showing Shieru Mizuki.)

The posters are 'Akuma-kun' no Yokai-sou Makuri ('Akuma-kun's' Yokai List-up), and photos from the Tottori walk and museum. The remaining pages include the History of Gegege no Kitaro, part 8; Where's Yamada (in a ramen shop, and in 2 crowd scenes in the DVD episodes); and the Mizuki Shigeru Collection. The collection is a short half-page piece that describes stuff that Shigeru drew or participated in outside of the Kitaro manga. This time, it's a reproduction of the cover of the Sept. 1st, 1968, issue of Weekly Shonen Magajin. In August, 1968, Magajin had started running its "Famous Manga Artist Cover Series", putting photos of their artists on the front of each issue. Shigeru was the 4th artist in the series to appear this way.

For anyone that cares, I've put together a spreadsheet of the 1972 TV anime season episodes, including the title, air date, and a short description of each one. (So far, I've watched DVDs 1-7.) If there's enough of a demand, I'll turn it into a web page on And, lastly, the front side of the pull-out poster mentions Akuma-kun, which was the main character from one of Mizuki's other manga of the same name.

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