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Kitaro DVD Review, vol. 9

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Gegege no Kitaro Magazine DVD Series, volume 9

(Shinigami highlight page.)

We're now past the review of Kitaro's primary associates, also called "Kitaro's family". The feature yokai is Shinigami, who becomes a regular villain in the TV series (he doesn't show up that often in the manga). According to the description, his full name is Shinigami #42. He's married to Aoko (Blue Girl), and they have one son - Honetaro (Bone Boy). The other featured monsters this time are Satori, Aku Aku and Kageonna (Shadow Woman). In the TV series, Satori is a short, pink-faced guy with white whiskers under his chin. In the one-page write-up, he's a mountain-dwelling kind of yeti that likes watermelons. In the TV episode, Satori, which is based on a mind-reading creature from Japanese folklore, hangs out in a remote mountain cave to avoid listening to people's thoughts. Aku Aku is kind of a bone monster summoned by following a specific spell on a stone tablet found on Easter Island. In the TV series, Kageonna is a blue-skinned woman with a snake-like tail. In the one-page write-up, she's a hideous-faced creature that lurks in people's shadows.

(Pages from Shonen Sanensei magazine. Note the cameos by Doraemon and Nyarome.)

The TV episodes are: Shinigami to Satori (Shinigami and Satori, 06/15/72), Iisuta-tou Kidan (Easter Island Romantic Story, 06/22/72), Yokai Yashiki (Monster Mansion, 06/29/72) and Chisogan (Land's Eye), 07/13/72). [Edit: "Chisogan" translates as (地相眼) - "Chisou" = "divination based on the lay of the land" + "Gan" = "eyeball". Chisogan refers to an orb with power over earth.] The special episode is part 3 of the Tottori Mizuki Shigeru Road, and the easter egg is the same as before.

(Kitaro's 10 Abilities poster.)

The two foldout posters are: "Kitarou no 10 no Chikara" (Kitaro's 10 Abilities. This includes using his flying vest, having a remote-controlled hand, shooting his hair as needles, chameleon tongue, snake tongue, the yokai antenna, fingertip bullets, talking with insects, using guided geta, and being able to freely visit heaven and hell), and "Youkai Yashiki no Bikkuri Daizukai" (The Surprising Big Floor Plan of the Monster Mansion).

(TV anime version of Kageonna. The manga version is in black and white at the bottom left of the page.)

The remaining pages are: The Mizuki Collection, History of Gegege no Kitaro Part 9, Where's Yamada, a description of Kitaro coloring cards, and more photos of the Mizuki Road. I like the Mizuki Collection this time, because there's some crossover artwork from the 1970-71 Shonen Sanensei (Boy's Third Year) magazine, that appeared in 3 of the Kitaro pages, where Doraemon and Nyarome make cameo appearances. Doraemon was drawn by contemporary artist Fujio F Fujiko, and Nyarome is the cat from Fujio Akatsuka (Tensai Bakabon). As for Yamada, he shows up all over the place this time, being the main victim in the Easter Island episode. The History of Gegege no Kitaro is finally wrapping up the summarization of the rental book stories. In the next issue, it will begin talking about Kitaro's move to manga magazines.

(One page feature on Kageonna.)

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