Monday, September 23, 2013

KTS Day, 1

On the weekend of Sept. 21st, the local KTS TV station decided to host their 20th anniversary event in Kagoshima. From one announcement, we were told that there were 4 stages, but I only know of 2 - in front of the International Volunteer Center, and across from the Lotteria burger shop in Tenmonkan. I had to work most of Saturday, but the school I teach at is only a few blocks from the Volunteer Center, so I ran over here as soon as work finished at 5 PM. Most of the events and performances had already wrapped up, and some of the stalls were closed.

But the place wasn't completely dead yet.

One of the main sponsors is Zespri Kiwi Fruits, and they had a booth set up near the entrance.

They were also giving out free kiwi samples.

Advertising for the JADDO credit card, using Saigo as a mascot.

The last thing up on the main stage at the end of the day was the announcement of winners of the bingo lottery.

Sponsored by Zespri. Winners got a half-case of kiwis.

5 kids were selected to a jan-ken (rock-paper-scissors) contest for a box of kiwis. And that was pretty much it for me on KTS Day 1. Actually, it wasn't much of a loss. KTS had sponsored the same event last year, so I already knew what to expect. I was just kind of hoping to get a free set of stickers or something this time.

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