Wednesday, September 25, 2013

KTS Day, 3

While the KTS TV station event ran from the 21st to the 22nd, the mini-concert held in the open space next to Lotteria on the 23rd was apparently unrelated. The department store, Yamakataya, located next to Lotteria, wanted to promote the CDs of two female singers, Kei Mizuki, and Jennifer. However, it didn't seem to be very well promoted, and was definitely under-attended (maybe 30 people total).

Close-up of the back of the stage, with the names and times for the concert. A table to the left was set up for selling the CDs, but there weren't any buyers when I was there.

Kei Mizuki performed a few songs, mostly of the enka variety. I'm not a big enka fan, so I didn't stick around that long. One of the key points for enka, apparently, is for the audience to applaud whenever the singer finishes a line or verse from the song. Usually, the songs are pretty emotional, so the singers do put a lot of energy into the individual verses, then stand around for a minute while the music plays behind them. On TV, the starts of the pauses are when the studio audience applauds. This time, though, there was one guy to my left that would applaud and cheer after every line. No one else did anything. I couldn't tell if the guy had a mental disability, or was Kei's father. Mizuki did sing well, if you like enka.

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