Monday, October 28, 2013

Hirakawa Dobutsuen

On Oct. 20, rather than going back to Honganji for day 2 of the Bouzu Meets Fes, we took a 1-hour bus ride out to Hirakawa Zoo (fare was 430 yen each way, with entry into the zoo an additional 500 yen per person). It had been over a year since we had last come to the zoo, and the white Siberian tiger cubs were growing up fast. We wanted to see the cubs while they were still cute-looking, but we'd be getting to the zoo at 1 PM, and by that point they'd be scheduled to be back in their holding area for the afternoon. Instead, we just stayed around the African and Big Cats zones. We did make a special side trip to see the lesser pandas, but the zoo isn't really designed to allow for good photos of the best animals.

Ostriches and zebra butts

The zookeeper is on a ladder to reach the giraffe's feeding bucket.

The Kinko-wan Park is half a mile from the zoo. At some point, I have to visit there to see what they have beyond the model rocket.

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