Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kagoshima Art Festa

From Sept. 26th to the 29th, the International Volunteer Center hosted the Kagoshima Artfesta. (The URL link given on the handout brochure is for the Kirishima Open Air Museum. Kirishima is next door to Kagoshima.) Some of the exhibits do allow photography, but not all of them. There were a large number of paintings and textile works from Korean, Chinese and European artists, as well as those from Japan.

One specific exhibit that did allow photos was this one, which features miniature figures doing everyday activities on sets made from household items.

The exhibit included photos of the artist's other works, such as this runner on a lit insect repellant coil.

One of the other art pieces was a computer generated animation of this spiked "sea creature". They had a TV playing the animation, plus 3D plaster models, and this 5' tall glossy printout.

In the oil painting section, there were many really good paintings from non-Japanese artists, many of which were apparently influenced by video games.

I really like this one. The ermine seem to be created from clouds. Unfortunately, this was about the time that I was told to put the camera away.

The exhibit had a corner set up for the Media Block Chairs, but it was closed to the public while I was there. This looks to be a really cool idea aimed at engaging children in the creative process. The blocks are white plastic cubes about 1' to a side, with tri-color LEDs inside. The children are encouraged to push the blocks next to each other. Normally, each block is a different color. When they're touching, the second cube fades to the same color as the first one. When pulled apart, the colors go back to normal. By stacking several blocks atop each other, you could create a light tower with the colors flowing up and down between blocks. Be interesting trying to make something like this myself...

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