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Kitaro DVD Review, vol. 11

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Gegege no Kitaro Magazine DVD Series, volume 11

We've reached a milestone, in a sense, although you can't immediately tell just by looking at the DVD or the magazine. However, this volume marks the end of the 2nd season of the Gegege no Kitaro TV anime. Vol. 12 will start off the 1968 season 1 black and white series.

(Last of the supporting yokai.)

The last of the supporting yokai cast are described on page 2: Maruge (Hairball), Tsurubebi (Flying Fire Spirit), Tsurubeotoshi, Kamikiri and Kawauso (River Otter). Of the group, Tsurubebi shows up the most often in the anime, when Kitaro wants to track a target down from the air. It is fire-based, and can damage an enemy by burning it. Maruge is about the size of a tennis ball, but less threatening. It is used mainly as a sight gag. Kawauso appeared in minor supporting roles in episodes 2 and 3, but that's about it. Tsurubeotoshi is a large head, minus a brain. The name translates to "falling object", and this yokai is best used as something you drop on an opponent, or to block an alleyway. Kamikiri translates as "paper knife or "paper cutout", although this yokai looks kind of like a kappa. In episode 25 it's purple, and green in episode 26. Not much more to add about any of these guys.

(Poster 1.)

Poster 1 is Warumono Youkai wo Yattsukero (Beat the Bad Yokai). Poster 2 is a triptych: Majo Chounouryoku (Witch's Powers), Majo no Henshinjutsu (Witch's Transformations) and Majo no Himitsu Heiki (Witch's Secret Weapons). The other sections include The History of Gegege no Kitaro Part 11, The Mizuki Shigeru Collection (artwork that appeared in the 1971 Shonen Yon (Boy's 4) magazine), Where's Yamada? (everywhere), a feature on 1970's plastic model kits of some of the Kitaro characters, and an interview with Akinori Ourai (character designer for the second season anime, he also worked on Gaiking and Captain Harlock, among other series).

(Poster 2.)

The featured yokai are Tsurubebi, Binbogami (God of Poverty), Taitanbou no Ishi (a sacred boulder known locally as "Taitanbou"), Amagami Yumuchakku (The Goddess Yumchak), Shinigami Pasha (Death God Pasha), and Aoko and Honeta (Shinigami's wife and son, mentioned in a previous volume). Yamchak is based in Mexico, and Pasha is an Arabian Shinigami.

(Where's Yamada, and a look at the Kitaro plastic model kits.)

The DVD contains: Shinigami to Binbogami (Shinigami and the Poverty God, 08/24/72), Ashiato no Kai (The Footsteps Mystery, 09/07/72), Amagami Yumuchakku (Goddess Yumchak, 09/21/72) and Shinigami no Noruma (Shinigami's Assignment, 09/28/72), plus the interview with Ourai. The easter egg is the same as before - geta footprints.

(Ourai interview.)

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