Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Matt Bors Print

GoComics occasionally has giveaway contests to advertise themselves, or promote specific artists. For the most part, to enter you just have to comment on a contest announcement in their blog, and watch for the announcement of the winners on the blog a few days later. Lately, they've had separate contests on their Facebook page. The prizes can be signed prints from "For Better or Worse", "Tank McNamara", "Stone Soup", etc., or puzzle books sold by their sister company The Puzzle Society. I generally try entering most of the contests, figuring that if the prize isn't something I want, I can still find someone I know that does want it. Previously, I'd won a Skin Horse print this way. This time, I got a signed print from editorial artist Matt Bors. The contest gave away a print from a liberal artist, and one from a conservative artist (Henry Payne). You had to pick which one you wanted when you entered. Since 2 people had already asked for the conservative print, I decided I'd be nice and ask for the liberal one. I wasn't really expecting to win. By the deadline, there were only 6 names entered, and two of the last three also asked for the Bors print. Obviously, I won the Matt Bors, but the original winner of the Payne print failed to submit his mailing address by the deadline 2 weeks later and the second guy got it by default.

It was a pretty poor showing - 6 entries total. Compare that to the 82 people that wanted the Beginning Pearls children's comic by Stephan Pastis, artist on Pearls Before Swine.

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