Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Osamu Tezuka and the World of characters

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Back in May, the Japan Times ran an article on several unpublished Osamu Tezkua manuscript sheets that had recently been discovered. The manuscripts were to be collected in book form for a June release and shown at a special exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. Well, this year is also the 85th anniversary of Tezuka's birth, which I guess is the incentive for publishing the above magazine, Osamu Tezuka and The world of characters (154 pages, 1000 yen - 10 USD).

(Back cover)

If you like Tezuka's work, this is a great magazine to pick up. It has reproductions of a number of previously unpublished pages, a short biography on Tezuka himself, and example art from his biggest titles - Astro Boy, Black Jack, Jungle Taitei (Kimba the White Lion), Ribbon Knight, Phoenix and Buddha. There are short columns on his other works (such as W3, The Three-Eyed One, Adolph, Vampire), and the magazine wraps up with interviews by Leiji Matsumoto (Galaxy Express 999), Fujio A Fujiko (Laughing Salesman), Go Nagai (Devilman), Takao Saito (Golgo 13), Machiko Satonaka (Constellation of the Hunter) and Mitsutoshi Furuya (Bar).

(Black Jack sample art)

(Phoenix sample art)

There's also a 24-page pull-out insert with reproductions of manuscript pages for Ribbon Knight and Jungle Taitei.

(Insert cover)

(Jungle Taitei - the jungle is invaded by monsters from a crashed space ship.)

(Leo decides to trick the monsters, which are threatening to eat the entire jungle. First, he shows them a corn field. After that, they visit an active volcano.)

As mentioned above, this magazine is highly recommended to anyone that likes Tezuka's works, or the history of manga as a whole.

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