Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cafe Deli

Kirin has a World Kitchen brand, where they take flavors of fruits or vegetables from around the world and recombine them into various drinks, like "Salty Lychee", and "Orange, Lemon and Jasmine Tea". Apparently, they decided to take the same approach to their Fire brand of coffees, and came up with the Cafe Deli line. There's two flavors right now: "Bitter Caramel Latte" and "Sunny Orange Latte". 143 yen for a small bottle. I've been seeing the ads on the page, and they've started showing up on TV. I wanted to know what Kirin thought "deli coffee" tastes like, so I picked up the Bitter Caramel. Apparently, Kirin thinks that "deli coffee" is flavor free... While the caramel smell is pretty strong, the coffee itself tastes pretty much like artificial creamer. I had trouble detecting a coffee flavor, much less "bitter caramel". Not worth the money.


zillustration said...

I immediately thought of "Pastrami and Pickle" for Deli flavors... but hey, I'm from New Jersey! Great checking your blog. Lots of fun and great reviews! Keep it up!

TSOTE said...

Thanks for dropping by, Z, and for the nice comments. I think your idea for a Deli flavor makes a lot more sense.