Tuesday, November 12, 2013

KFC Twister

One afternoon, I decided to get a late lunch from the KFC in the main train station. They were promoting two seasonal specials - the "tsukimi twister" and the "coffee jelly and caramel crusher". The word "tsukimi" comes from the Chinese Autumn tradition of drinking tea, eating tea cakes and watching the full moon. "Tsuki" is "moon", and "mi" is "look", so together they mean "moon viewing". When applied to food, "tsuki" refers to a half-cooked egg, which looks kind of moon-like. The twister is sort of a burrito with a chicken piece wrapped up with a half-boiled egg (the moon), and shredded lettuce. The "special" part for the chicken this time is that it had little pieces of nori (seaweed) on it.

The crusher featured coffee jelly at the bottom of the cup, then some frozen ice milk and topped off with whipped cream. You get a little packet of caramel sugar crystals to pour over the whipped cream yourself. Normally, I like coffee jelly, but this stuff didn't have a strong coffee flavor, and the ice milk had melted before I could start eating it.

The twister wasn't all that impressive. I couldn't even taste the egg (at first, I just thought I was eating a very bland cheese sauce). But, it's not that bad. 500 yen for the meal set (twister, small fries and small drink), and 320 for the crusher. About $8.20 USD for the entire meal. Generally, KFC is one of the more expensive fast-food places in Japan, which is why I don't visit very often.

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