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Kitaro DVD Review, vol.13

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Gegege no Kitaro Magazine DVD Series, volume13

Sigh. I had this review all typed up and just waiting for the page scans and formatting, and I wrote over the file by accident. If this version seems a bit rushed, I apologize.

This volume feels much shorter, at only 22 pages, including both sides of the fold-out posters. In part, this is because there aren't as many new monsters for the one-page features, and because the first two TV episodes are parts one and two of the same story, trimming the summary section a bit. The main supporting yokai is Kitaro's father, Medama Oyaji. The new monsters are: Daikaiju - Zeokurodon (Big Sea Monster - Zeuglodon; Kagami Jiji (Old Man in the Mirror); and, Miage Nyuudou (Tall Nyuudou). The Zeuglodon is a kind of early whale, also known as a basilosaurus. For Kagami Jiji, we could translate it as "Old Man Mirror", "Old Mirror Man", "Old Man that uses Mirrors", or "The Old Man in the Mirror". Given the story, the latter choice fits well enough. Then we get Miage Nyuudou. "Nyuudou" can refer to someone that has recently become a priest, someone like a priest with a shaved head, or a bald-headed monster. What sets our yokai apart from a regular Nyuudou, is that ours is called "Miage", which implies that you have to lift your eyes to see him because he's so big. So, we could translate it as "Tall Bald Monster", or just treat "Nyuudou" as a proper name and call him "Tall Nyuudou", which I did.

(Medama Oyaji)

The two posters are: Gegege no Kitaro Dai Makai Youkai Hikousen Kyo-Kujira-gou (Gegege no Kitaro, Big Spirit World, Yokai Airship - #Giant Whale), and Youkai Daisenki (either "Record of the Great War", or "Big Military History"). Note that putting "-gou" at the end of the name turns it into the number of a ship or aircraft, like "American Air #211".

(Back cover, showing the two posters.)

The other special pages are: The History of Gegege no Kitaro, part 13; Where's Yamada (everywhere); a look at Kitaro papercraft cards; an interview with Toei director/producer Yasao Yamaguchi; and a one-page original art sheet for Miage Nyuudou.

(Kagami Oyaji. Notice the girl trapped in the mirror at the top of the page.)

The TV episodes are: Daikaiju Zenpen (Big Sea Monster, First Half, 01/31/68); Daikaiju Kohen (Big Sea Monster, Second Half, 02/07/68); Kagamijiji (Old Man in the Mirror, 02/21/68) and Miage Nyudo (Tall Nyuudou, 02/28/68). The easter egg is the same "walking geta" as before. The special feature is a 10-minute interview with Yasao Yamaguchi.

(Interview with Yasao Yamaguchi.)

The magazine is a bit disappointing for the price, since it's fewer pages and there's no true new material being produced for it. But, the TV anime episodes are still worth watching.

(Original art page for Miage Nyuudou. It's original in that it was produced after the main run of the Kitaro manga, in the mid-90's.)

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