Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pretz MH4

Ok, full story, now. As I wrote in the Caplico entry, I'd gone to Family Mart one night after dropping off the trash, and I wanted to get something to snack on. At the time, I saw the can coffee with the BMW car, plus the displays for the Caplico and Pretz tie-ins to the Monster Hunter 4 video game. Neither the Caplico or Pretz boxes had prices marked, and I wasn't really hungry, so I decided to not buy anything right then. A couple days later, around lunch-time, I was hungry and I was heading towards the International Volunteer Center to teach a private English lesson. But, every single konbini I stopped at was completely devoid of the the MH4 stuff, as well as the BMW car. That night, I returned to the Family Mart near my apartment, and those things were still there. My guess is that the MH4 stuff has been phased out elsewhere, and the BMW was just then being phased in. Anyway, it kind of looked like the unmarked stuff would be in the 200 yen range and have a fair amount of junk food to eat, and the coffee is 120 yen ($1.20 USD). I grab all three things, get to the register, and the total was coming to $11. Which is typical for the tie-in stuff, and is the main reason why I don't buy tie-in stuff - it's overpriced. But, I bit the bullet and paid the money. My mistake was in automatically throwing away the receipt, because now I don't know what the priciest thing in the bag was.

Pretz are flavored pretzel sticks. The box I got had one regular package of pizza-flavored Pretz, and a pencil case. So, yeah, again I'm paying for at least 50% air. Technically, I don't want the freebies that come with the food - I get those just to take pictures for this blog. No, I'm buying the food to have something to eat. I normally don't get Caplico or Pretz, but I think they're normally priced around 160 yen each. Therefore, I ended up spending $11 on $4 of junk food, just to get "freebie" stuff that I'm not going to be playing with.

(MH4 pencil case.)

That'll learn me.

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