Thursday, December 26, 2013

Betting Swullets

Back in the 80's, when MTV still played music videos, there was one specific video that just blew everyone's mind when it first came out. It consisted of a series of green screen images that allowed 3 to 5 copies of each band member to interact with themselves pretty realistically within an insane asylum. There was one really nice sequence where the camera keeps pulling back out through the peep hole in the iron doors to go from one cell to the next over and over again.

Youtube link

I've been thinking about that video for the last year or so, but all of my google searches came up empty. Suddenly, Monday night while the radio was playing a heavy metal flashback show featuring just about every major 80's metal band you can think of (Bon Jovi, Metalhead, Dreamscape), they wrapped the program up with Megadeth's Sweating Bullets. That first line "Hello me, meet the real me", had me jumping for google. And now, finally I've gotten my hands on that video again! Happy Christmas to me!

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